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Welcome Friend.


Here at Satellites SEO, it is all about your business.


We specialize in getting you from a poorly ranking position in search engines like Google and Bing, all the way to the top of page one.


Think about what it could mean for you and your business if you doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled your number of potential customers…


And we’re not just talking about random people from around the world that aren’t familiar with your offers.


Instead, these are people who are searching locally for specific search terms that represent your business, your offer, and your brand.


Individuals who are literally typing in the exact keywords that mean “please help me right now X… I am seriously willing to pay to address this.”


Pretty powerful stuff…


These are people who are searching online.




For a business just like yours…


And if your business isn’t the one coming up on top, that can be a huge revenue loss.


Satellites SEO can help you.  We’ve been playing this game for a long time.  


We realize that when business owners think about growing their profits, they initially think about “the important, pressing stuff” like creating better products, improving their customer experience, looking for paid advertisements, facebook advertisements, radio advertisements, and dare I say it, even billboards on the side of the road…


Right now, if you are a local business, there is literally no better way to be found and remembered than through Search Engine Optimization.  


Google is like the yellow pages of old, where people directly look for specific help, many times local…


What separates Satellites SEO from and other search engine company, is that we have a team of dedicated professionals, who literally won’t stop until we get you where you need to be.  


We care about connecting with your business on a deep level and helping in as many areas as you need us to.


We make sure that the job is done right, using the most cutting edge tools and practices to blow up your business.


Obviously, priority number one is to get you on page one and beyond with your rankings, to greatly boost your organic traffic…   but we are also there for you in terms of analytics, to make sure your visitors are converting, going through your sales funnel, and becoming not only your customers but your promoters as well.


We will be using the most cutting edge tools and practices to blow up your business so that you rank where it counts and grab your ideal customers.


There is nothing better than to see this organic system blossom into a full-fledged cycle of happy customer acquisition, AND retention.


Even if you have the best products, are entirely ethical and well-intentioned,  hard-working and innovative, if you are not ranking well then sadly, you will be limiting your own success.


Think about what it could mean for you and your business if you ranked well for your top, most relevant and searched keywords.


It could be like going from zero to hero, you’d be an overnight success!


Aside from Search Engine Optimization, we also specialize in a few more areas worth mentioning.


Social Media Management is another strong suit of ours.  From creating campaigns of awareness, to lead generation, to proper branding and identity creation, we are serious about maximizing your presence online via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc if these are areas tat interest you as well.


If you have your brand down and your website converts, then there should be no worries moving forward.


However, we can also help you with branding and web design if that is something you are looking for too!  Our team has serious talent, and we would love to share it with you wherever it makes sense…


Remember, the end goal here is not to get caught up in any one area… the goal is to grow your bottom line as fast as possible.


For those customers who are ranking… but maybe not for the keywords that they would like, we offer comprehensive and sophisticated Reputation Management.  


This is where we clean up your online reputation, so when people search for your brand, it is simply the good, well-deserved stuff that surfaces.


We are located in Buffalo, NY, but have clients throughout the United States.


We look forward to connecting with you!


-Team Satellites


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